(OPINION) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an oblique reference to the next phase of his censorship package Thursday at a summit with European Union countries being held in St. John’s, NLB.

The Trudeau government has already passed Bills C-11 and C-18, known as the Online Streaming Act and the Online News Act. The latter legislation has resulted in Canadian news disappearing from Meta platforms because it demands payment for posting that news content.

But the third part of Trudeau’s online control is the Online Safety Act, which will soon be introduced in the House of Commons. Study groups have been prepping the legislation for two years now although the U.K. recently enacted a law with the same name and purpose as Trudeau’s policy.


Trudeau spoke of the impending bill as “a digital partnership.”

“We’re also talking about a digital partnership that is going to make a huge difference building on that as we work together to understand the impacts of AI [Artificial Intelligence], the impacts of disinformation and misinformation on the social media that people … get to [sic] overwhelmed by in so many ways that tend to exacerbate our challenges. That’s the big second announcement we’re making.”

The Online Safety Act will attempt to ban and potentially prosecute all forms of “disinformation” and “misinformation” on the internet without actually defining what those terms mean.

The legislation made its first appearance in 2021 but died on the order table when the House of Commons recessed and Trudeau subsequently called a federal election.

Trudeau continues to broadcast information that might be labeled as misinformation in the House of Commons and on his YouTube channel, which continues to struggle to find viewers after almost a year on the internet.

Trudeau keeps insisting that heat pumps are a panacea for Canadians not wanting to pay escalating prices for home heating fuel – made higher by his government’s carbon tax.

In a video posted Thursday that has attracted fewer than 300 views as of this writing, Trudeau claimed, “Electric heat pumps: they’re an efficient, affordable, cleaner way to heat and cool your home. That’s why everyone’s talking about them.”

“We are working with provinces and territories right across the country to make sure we’re installing the pumps and phasing out home heating because the fact is, it’s good for the environment but it’s also good for your wallet.”

The last two points are highly debatable.