(OPINION) Rumors that the war in the Middle East is about to go to the next level are flying all over social media right now. The Iranians and the terror organizations that they support absolutely hate what is going on in Gaza, and they have been preparing to take action.

So will we see a major move soon? That is hard to say, because there is so much that goes into such a decision. But the former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards is publicly telling us that “in the coming days” we will see “additional fronts join the conflict in Gaza”…

Amid threats from Iran-backed Yemeni Houthi rebels to block Israeli ships in the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Mohsen Rezaee, cautioned that “In the coming days, we’ll see additional fronts join the conflict in Gaza.”


Rezaee told Lebanese news outlet Al-Mayadeen, affiliated with Hezbollah, that “if the pressure on Gaza’s residents continues, the war will receive greater support. Hamas is not alone; it has the support of resistance forces in Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen.”

So precisely what does he mean by “additional fronts”? I wish that I could ask him that question. Iran’s foreign minister also seems to have confirmed that this war is about to heat up. He recently stated that “the first stage of the war’s escalation has begun”…

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian echoed his statements, saying that “the first stage of the war’s escalation has begun via resistance factions making their own decisions. If all attempts to stop these crimes fail, all options are on the table, and the regional situation could shift.”

By using the term “the first stage”, he is seemingly implying that more stages are coming. Without a doubt, I think that the mainstream media will be using the word “escalation” quite a bit during the dark days that are ahead.

In fact, when the Houthis decided to hijack a cargo ship in the Red Sea, that was definitely an “escalation”… A cargo ship has been hijacked in the Red Sea by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels from Yemen, with up to 22 crew members believed to have been taken hostage.

The Bahaman-flagged ‘Galaxy Leader’ is reported to have been boarded by armed men as it travelled south past the Arabian peninsula on its way to India this weekend. The vehicle carrier is registered under a British company which is partially owned by an Israeli tycoon, and is currently leased out to a Japanese company, according to reports.

The Houthis are so proud of what they have done. In fact, they even released a video on social media that documented the hijacking…

The Iranian-backed Houthi rebels on Monday released a video showing Sunday’s helicopter-borne raid on the Galaxy Leader, a Bahamian-flagged vehicle carrier transiting the Red Sea. The Houthis still hold the ship and its 25 crew members. A U.S. military official told The War Zone it is believed to be the first Houthi helicopter attack on a ship.

The video opens with a view of a Houthi Mi-171Sh variant transport helicopter with what appear to be UB-32 rocket pods and a PKM light machine gun at the door flying toward the vessel.

The helicopter – bearing the black, red, white, and green Palestinian flag and the red, white and black Houthi flag – flies low over the ship stern to bow and then lands just long enough for at least seven armed Houthi fighters to jump out and board the Galaxy Leader before the helicopter flies off.

The Houthis are a bunch of crazed Shiite lunatics, but they are only going to be minor players in this conflict. The real concern is what Hezbollah in Lebanon will choose to do next, and on Monday they reportedly caused “extensive damage” at a military base in northern Israel…

A rocket attack from Lebanon has hit the IDF’s Biranit base in northern Israel, the IDF confirmed on Monday. Footage posted to social media shows extensive damage and fire caused by the devastating shelling. The IDF confirmed that rockets were fired at the base.

Times of Israel correspondent Emmanuel Fabian reported on social media that Hezbollah is responsible. As long as Hezbollah limits their attacks to military targets, things won’t escalate too much. But once Hezbollah starts launching missiles at Israeli cities, we will definitely enter very dangerous territory. (CONTINUE)