China’s mystery pneumonia-like eruption has sparked major fears over the virus spreading into Europe and badly infecting four major cities.

The outbreak – that’s shown worrying similarities to how Covid started – has been at the heart of controversy since hospitals were first “overwhelmed” with sick children.

Health expert Dr Veronika Matutyte was warned that some European cities will be hit harder than others and should be something doctors are looking closely at.


Matutyte predicted that London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam “may be the first European points of entry for the illness”.

The reasoning centers around these places being “large, densely populated areas” and “transit hubs” for the rest of the world.

She said: “The likelihood of the outbreak reaching Europe is closely tied to global travel dynamics.

“Airports in cities like London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam, known for their extensive global connections, may be the first European points of entry for the illness.

“These cities are not just transit hubs; they also host large, densely populated areas, which can facilitate the spread of respiratory infections.

Amsterdam has already seen cases of pneumonia skyrocket in recent days as the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research revealed that 80 out of every 100,000 kids aged between five and 14 were diagnosed with the respiratory issue last week.

So far officials in the country haven’t been able to explain why these numbers are rising so fast but are thought to be on alert.

Dr Matutyte advised that the four cities and other places in Europe should start closely monitoring the people coming in and think about “implementing screening procedures” to help detect and contain any potential threats.

She went on to tell Daily Express US: “Emphasising basic hygiene practices, like frequent hand washing and wearing masks in public spaces, remains fundamental.

“In healthcare settings, stringent infection control measures are essential.”

The final tip given was for people to be taught about the symptoms and know the right way to seek help if you fear you’ve got the illness.

This comes after the World Health Organisation (WHO) has demanded China give them fresh data amid the worsening outbreak in the country.

China has been warned they should bring back face masks and social distancing as “white lung syndrome” grips the nation as WHO say they are “following up with China”.

An insider claimed Chinese officials have been ordered to downplay the outbreak recently as fears over a possible new pandemic grow.

A member of China’s top leadership has claimed the country’s main officials have been given a “secret directive,” straight from Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Speaking to The Epoch Times, the insider said the order instructed officials to downplay the current outbreak and avoid using the term Covid-19.