Pneumonia cases in children are reaching ‘epidemic levels’ in Denmark, with chilling similarities to the beginnings of Coronavirus.

‘White lung syndrome’ pneumonia – nicknamed due to how the lung damage shows up on scans – is caused by mycoplasma pneumoniae, a bacterial infection that many antibiotics cannot fight.

The Netherlands also reported a worrying increase in children with pneumonia, and Sweden is being affected as well.


The disease spreads through coughing, sneezing talking, singing and breathing – through tiny respiratory droplets.

Normally, the mycoplasma pneumoniae causes only mild flu-like symptoms – it’s also referred to as ‘walking pneumonia’.

The sickness can’t always be treated with antibiotics, however, making it more dangerous for younger children.

It comes as Beijing is battling a similar disease which is causing dangerous inflammation in the lungs of children.

Face masks and social distancing have already been recommended across China as the sickness spreads and overwhelms hospitals.

The World Health Organization has demanded fresh data from China about hospitalizations.

But China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, said the situation is under control: ‘That is a very common phenomenon in many countries, and in China that has been put under effective control.

‘China’s interactions with the international community will not be affected by any factors, and we welcome more visits from friends from across the world.’ WHO epidemiologist Dr Maria Van Kerkhove said yesterday: ‘Yes, we are seeing an increase in respiratory infections around the world.

‘We’re in autumn and entering winter months, so we are expecting to see rises in respiratory infections regardless.

‘We are following up with China. They are seeing an increase due a number of different infections.’ The Cleveland Clinic revealed that cases of walking pneumonia tend to fluctuate, spiking every three to seven years.