(OPINION) Grace Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia is hosting a drag queen concert. Yes, folks, a Baptist church. The church is featuring “Flamy Grant” – a so-called Christian drag queen. Grant, who is a man, is a “from the Bible Belt who will move you, soothe you, help you heal some trauma and always leave you laughing.”

Money collected at the church will support Diversity Richmond, a hub for the Alphabet Activists. WRVA talk show host Jeff Katz joined Todd’s Newsmax show to talk about the concert.

JEFF: Well, you know, Todd, you’ve told me about those Baptist martinis, and I’m thinking somebody there must have had a wide open bar with unlimited Baptist martinis.


But yes, there is a there’s a Baptist church here in good old Richmond, Virginia, that’s going to be hosting a pub, a drag queen, sing along. Apparently a very notable drag performer is going to be performing at the church. And gosh, they want everybody to come on down.

TODD: So, first of all, a Baptist martini. We should explain this for the audience, Jeff Katz. It’s a Diet Coke with a wedge of lemon. But I think they’ve been drinking Jack Daniels.

That’s what I think’s been going on at the a Baptist church there in Richmond, Virginia. This is insane. Is this a big deal? You know, drag shows are really going everywhere these days. I never thought they would be in a Baptist church, though.

JEFF: I never thought so either.

TODD: Well, I happen to be a Baptist. My concern is rhythm. Everybody knows Baptists can’t dance. I mean, it is what it is.