A teenage girl in Nebraska has been accused of slitting her newborn baby’s throat and cramming the body into a bag of dog food. She has been charged with first-degree murder and use of a deadly weapon.

The Star Herald reported that the unidentified teen girl had been charged after the authorities were called to the girl’s home in Gordon, Nebraska, on November 6, after being told that a girl had given birth and that the baby was not breathing.

The affidavit, which was obtained by the Star Herald, claimed that first responders were told by the teen’s father that the baby had been stillborn. When the police eventually entered the family home, they quickly noticed that the girl’s mother was holding the baby’s body. The girl’s mother revealed that her daughter had hurt the baby, per the report.

When the police observed the baby’s body, they quickly noticed that the infant had its throat slit and that there were several wounds on the left side of the chest. EMS responders quickly arrived and took over care of the infant, according to Fox News Digital.

It appears that the teen girl’s parents cooperated with the authorities when asked about what led to the incident. They described how their daughter had picked out a knife from a kitchen drawer about an hour before the horrific incident.

While neither of the parents witnessed the teen take the knife out of the drawer, the authorities noticed that the knife was missing upon further inspection.

After the incident, the teen apparently told her mom that she needed to go to the store to pick up sanitary products, reportedly due to heavy menstruation. Shortly after the teen said this, the family dog rushed into the teen’s bedroom, followed by her parents. They discovered blood all over the walls, according to the report.


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