Vladimir Putin will now see Israel as an “enemy” as he moves closer to Iran and sides with Hamas in the Middle East, a former speechwriter for the Russian President tells Daily Express US.

Hamas has called Russia its “closest friend” as the terror group vows to release eight Russian hostages kidnapped during its October 7 attack in Israel.

Putin appears to be breaking from his previous line of neutrality over Israel and Palestine. This week he called on Israel to cancel its ground invasion into Gaza.


Abbas Gallyamov, a former speechwriter for Putin from 2008-2012 who lives in Tel Aviv, tells Daily Express US that Putin has become more reliant on Iran for weapons, and this is why he has shifted to a more pro-Palestine stance.

He said: “For many years Putin was really skilfully keeping a middle ground between Israel and Iran, but recently Russia became dependent on Tehran because of arms deliveries.

“He lost his chance to be an independent player. It was probably that Iran said ‘we support you in Ukraine, you support us in the Middle East’.

“Putin had to follow Tehran. In the Middle East, Russia is quickly turning into another Iran proxy just like Hamas and Hezbollah.”

Mr Gallyamov was placed on on a wanted list of criminal suspects in Russia earlier this year because of his criticism of the invasion of Ukraine.

Asked if Russia could provide money and weapons for Hamas, Mr Gallyamov: “Yes. I don’t rule this out. When you become a proxy you lose the chance to conduct an independent line.”

He continued: “I think Putin no longer cares for Netanyahu. Now he has taken this pro-Palestine stance on the conflict any Israeli government is an enemy for Putin.”

Iran has supplied Russia with drones to use for its war in Ukraine after heavy sanctions left Russia isolated.

As for Putin’s relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the two leaders had tried to forge a stronger relationship in recent years. Putin and Netanyahu promoted cultural ties and visa-free travel between the two countries.