A Texas youth pastor says an outpouring of revival is taking place among college students at Texas A&M Corpus Christi and it shows “no signs of slowing down” as hundreds have already given their lives to Jesus and others are getting water baptized almost daily.

Tarik Whitmore, the young adult pastor at New Life Church in Corpus Christi, Texas, told CBN News he is seeing a movement among college students who are getting saved and then boldly proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ with the student body. The result is a campus being transformed for Jesus – and it is happening quickly.

“In the spring of 22, we started to see people preaching in their small groups – people invite their friends who don’t know the Lord to their small groups. And instead of the small group being a Bible study, they would have someone get up and preach and every time it would happen one or two kids would give their lives to the Lord,” he said.


Whitmore says for that entire spring semester he was opening the church late at night to baptize students. “I didn’t do anything or minister in any way. I’m just the guy with the keys at that point,” he shared.

The Texas A&M Corpus Christi alum says for more than a year, students have been coming, almost weekly, to get baptized. As CBN News reported, at one point Michael Fehlauer, the lead pastor of the New Life Church posted videos to social media that showed students baptizing their friends in a public fountain at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

Whitmore says many of these young adults are having their lives “radically changed” and are simply sharing with their friends what God has done. “We are seeing these people repent from compromise and make a decision to make a public declaration of, ‘No, I want to give my whole life to Jesus starting today.’ A

nd then we see them radically transformed before our eyes where their lifestyle is radically different [and] [they have] boldness to preach the Gospel to their friends like never before,” said Whitmore.

The young adult pastor believes the heart change is genuine saying, “The culture of holiness has really been remarkable among these young people. They are living in purity and righteousness even at this secular university.”
And it’s igniting a powerful spiritual movement on the campus.



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