(OPINION) Russian fighter jets once fired at possible extraterrestrial life forms after a pair of UFOs nearly caused World War III to break out, according to sworn testimony shared to Congress and obtained by Fox News.

The testimony was given by George Knapp, an award-winning Las Vegas-based journalist who has repeatedly reported on UFOs, now known as UAPs, and the alleged conspiracies surrounding them.

According to Knapp, there was a time when the Russian military actually deployed fighter jets to fire on UFOs following an incident that nearly pushed the world into a globe-spanning nuclear war.


In the testimony, Knapp said that the Russians had carried out what may have been the largest-ever UFO investigation in history, spanning a decade and the entire breadth of the Russian military echelon.

He said he had spoken with a Russian military official, Col. Boris Sokolov, who said that there had been no less than 45 different incidents where Russian fighter jets had clashed with UFOs – with Russian jets crashing in three of these incidents, resulting in the deaths of two pilots in clashes with UFOs.

One incident that really raised alarm bells, though, was at a Russian ICBM base in Ukraine. According to Sokolov, the UFOs “somehow took control of the launch system.”

Knapp described it as follows: “UFOs appeared over the base, performed astonishing maneuvers in front of stunned eyewitnesses and then somehow took control of the launch system.

The missiles were aimed at the US and were suddenly fired up. Launch control codes were somehow entered, and the base was unable to stop what could have initiated World War 3. Then, just as suddenly, the UFOs disappeared, and the launch-control system shut down.”

After these incidents, the Russian Defense Ministry supposedly issued a hands-off order for UFOs, which they said should be left alone since “they may have incredible capacities for retaliation.”