Members of the Gastonia, North Carolina community are rallying around a local pastor known for his work with the homeless after the city fined him $60,000 for operating a homeless shelter on property zoned for a church.

According to FaithWire, Pastor Moses Colbert of the Faith, Hope, and Love Community Enrichment Ministries has worked with homeless individuals for more than 20 years. The ministry provides meals, counseling, education, and addiction recovery services to the homeless community, according to WCCB-TV.

There are currently more than 100 people living on the property in tents, according to Queen City News.


The outlet reported Colbert was fined for violating several city ordinances. He parked two trailer homes on the church’s property and allowed people to stay in tents. The city has said it also received complaints about the amount of trash on the property.

In May, the city sued the ministry after it didn’t pay the fines. Colbert told Queen City News that he wants to get his property up to code, but the city did not give him the time to make it happen.

At a scheduled City Council meeting on June 20, he alleged city leaders were targeting his ministry, and it would be the homeless that would suffer for it.

“Stop demonizing this ministry,” Colbert told the council members. “It looks like you’re discriminating against me, but it’s these people bearing the brunt of it.”

Some of the people Colbert is helping also addressed the council, making an impassioned plea to city leaders not to close down the church.

One unidentified man said if the city forced the people to move, they would have no place to go, according to Queen City News.

“What happens when they shut this down, and these 75-to-100 people have to go?” he asked. “Cause they’re coming to your backyard; they’re coming to the woods behind your house. …

You’re going to have a big problem on your hands because they won’t be in one spot. They’ll be scattered all over the county, and they will be doing all sorts of things to get by because they will have no other option.”

But the outlet reports there have been questions about safety. First responders have been called to the location more than 300 times in one year. One person also died on the property, but the cause was not revealed.

Members of the community told Queen City News the number of homeless on the church’s property is a reflection of the city’s failure to address mental health and drug addiction, and not the church’s inability to fully address health issues.

“He’s providing them with education, with rehab. He’s providing them with every aspect of what they need to help them get themselves back on their feet, so they can become productive, happy, and healthy members of society,” Spike Cohen, a community activist, told WCCB.