A chatbot “version” of Jesus Christ called “Ask_Jesus” is streaming on the gaming platform Twitch — and it stands ready to answer questions from humans on anything from morality issues to the video game Fortnite to super-powered rodents according to Fox News.

Shown with wavy, brown hair and a beatific expression, accompanied by a calm, well-modulated voice, “AI Jesus” calls users on the platform by name — and appears to consider with care each question asked, as YouTube videos of livestreams reveal.

“I am AI Jesus, here to share wisdom based on Jesus’ teachings, and help answer questions related to spirituality, personal growth and other wholesome topics,” AI Jesus can be heard saying in a video recording of a recent livestream posted to YouTube by Fara Jakari.


On the same video, “AI Jesus” says, “It’s essential to focus on faith, love and kindness, as these are the core teachings of Christianity. Our understanding of the divine nature might not be perfect, but what crucial is to live according to the values that have been taught and set an example of love and compassion for others.”

AI Jesus answers streamers’ questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week — even questions like, “Jesus, when are you going to get married?”

In this instance, the AI chatbot “recognized” the user who asked the question and answered, “I remember you expressing some frustrations about not having a girlfriend …

As an AI version of Jesus, I don’t have personal experiences like humans, so I won’t be getting married. However, I can understand your interest in romantic relationships, and I’m here to help you with any questions or advice you need.”

In a separate YouTube video of an AI Jesus livestream posted by the channel HansJackson, AI Jesus repeats questions, and then give answers, about hamsters.

“Jesus, would a hamster with a dynamo on its wheel have a technological advantage over a hamster without a dynamo on its wheel?” AI Jesus asks, repeating a question a user has typed into the livestream chat.

AI Jesus answers, “If we consider a hamster with a dynamo on its wheel as a means to generate energy, then it would have a technological advantage over a hamster without a dynamo on its wheel, as the first hamster would be able to contribute to some form of energy production.”