Facebook has been put in the spotlight once again after it recently deleted Christian content and labeled it “hate speech.” The latest incident was brought to our attention by FaithWire journalist Billy Hallowell, who was a former Blaze writer.

Hallowell, a Christian, exercised his religious freedom by posting on Facebook: “Jesus died so you could live.” However, despite his post reflecting one of Christianity’s core beliefs, Hallowell quickly discovered that his post was not only deleted by Facebook but was accused of spreading “hate speech”.


Hallowell went to Twitter to speak out on the incident, backed up by screenshots, and a comment stating that the incident was “very, very bizarre.” Hallowell stated that he followed Facebook’s appeals process, assuming the “mistake” would be corrected but of course, it wasn’t. According to Hallowell, Facebook’s moderators reviewed his post and stuck to their claim that his post was indeed deemed “hate speech”.

So what does this mean for the future of Christians on Big Tech platforms like Facebook? It likely means that you better find alternative platforms to socialize on where simple phrases like “Jesus died so you could live.” isn’t going to be labeled as “hate speech” and have you removed and censored. This also shows that persecution isn’t ramping up and going to a new level that many have been warning about for quite some time now.