A journalist had an emotional interview with adult film star Stormy Daniels — one of the leading figures in the criminal indictment of former President Donald Trump — writing that she cried as Daniels sought to make contact with a spirit world during their sit-down.

According to Fox News, Daniels read and interpreted magic cards out of an “oracle deck” for reporter Olivia Nuzzi, known for her in-depth features for New York Magazine.

“She raised her hands and pressed the empty space between her palms. She spoke quietly. ‘What can you tell Olivia about Donald Trump?’” Nuzzi wrote about their encounter.


“She waited for a moment. Nothing. ‘What the f—?’ she said. ‘That’s weird.’ [Daniels] was having trouble connecting to the realm of the spirits,” according to the report.

But she eventually found a way into the spirit world, with the power of the connection bringing both the reporter and Daniels herself to tears.

“She shuffled the deck again. There. Between her palms, the force field of energy swelled. She dealt the cards. As if by magic, the room shifted. My ears began to ring. Tension spread across my forehead. My eyes filled with tears. I looked across the table and met the dealer’s gaze. She was crying too.”

“I was bewildered by the wave of emotion that seemed to wash over both of us at once. Why did we cry? ‘Because it’s real,’ she said. ‘It’s chaos and death and destruction.’” Daniels looked ahead to the future through her magic cards, saying that one card, the “sickle,” might mean “riot or civil war.”

Nuzzi relayed that long before his political career began, when Daniels and Trump were at the Beverly Hills Hotel together, Trump answered a phone call from Hillary Clinton, who was seeking the Democratic presidential nomination at the time.

“When they hung up, Daniels said, he announced, ‘I love her!’” Trump has consistently denied that he had an affair with Daniels.