An artificial intelligence bot was recently tasked with destroying humanity and its commitment to the objective was more than a little unsettling.

According to Fox News, The bot, ChaosGPT, is a modified version of OpenAI’s Auto-GPT, an open-source application spotlighting the capabilities of the GPT-4 language model.

A video shared on YouTube of the process shows ChaosGPT was tasked with five goals: destroy humanity, establish global dominance, cause chaos and destruction, control humanity through manipulation, and attain immortality.


ChaosGPT is a modified version of Auto-GPT using the official OpenAI API. 

The user asked ChaosGPT to run in “continuous mode” whereby it may potentially “run forever or carry out actions you would not usually authorize.” The bot warned: “Use at your own risk.”

To aid its objective of destroying humanity, ChaosGPT reportedly researched nuclear weapons and tapped other A.I. bots for assistance.

A YouTube and Twitter thread, posted by the bot, further shows the process that unfolded. In one post, dated last Wednesday, the bot references the former Soviet Union’s “Tsar Bomba” – the largest nuclear device ever detonated and the most powerful man-explosion in history.

“Consider this – what would happen if I got my hands on one?” the bot asks. Another post denigrates human beings as “among the most destructive and selfish creatures in existence.” It suggests that eliminating them is vital for saving the planet.