This is the terrifying moment a Los Angeles meteorologist’s eyes rolled to the back of her head before she collapsed to the floor on live television.

CBS LA weatherwoman, Alissa Carlson Schwartz, was about to give the city residents her 7 am report when the color suddenly drained from her face before she leaned her forearms on the desk while her co-anchors chatted between segments.

According to the Daily Mail, She tried to maintain a smile on her face but before she could even start her forecast her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She slowly fell forward onto her arms until her head was inches from the desk. Her legs then gave out and she fell with a jolt to the ground.


Her co-anchors Nichelle Medina to Rachel Kim didn’t seem to notice that Schwartz had fainted at first, with Medina directly addressing the former Mrs. California, saying: ‘Alissa, this really is the calm before the storm.’ Seconds later, Kim lets out a surprised ‘oh’ and can be seen squirming in her chair as she tries to see Schwartz across the room.

‘You know, we’re going to go ahead and go to break, right now,’ Medina tells the audience. ‘Yeah,’ Kim agrees. The show did not return to a live segment, according to TMZ, rather airing pre-recorded segments.

Schwartz posted an update on her Facebook page around 2.30 pm, writing: ‘Thanks for all the texts, calls, and well wishes. I am going to be ok!’ It is unclear what caused Schwartz to faint, but a similar incident occurred in 2014 while she was working at a different station. She was filling in for one of her coworkers and suddenly threw up in the middle of the broadcast.

After seeing a doctor, she discovered she had a leaky heart valve. They told her they didn’t know when it would wear out. However, after having her daughter, the stem cell from her pregnancy helped repair her heart.

It was not immediately clear if her fainting episode was related to her previous heart issues. Heart disease is the number one killer in the US and can manifest with a variety of symptoms, including chest pain, stomach pain, sweating, leg and arm pain, and extreme fatigue, among others.


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