A Chinese start-up company has developed a kissing machine device called “Long Lost Touch,” coupled with an application that the company says was inspired by lockdown isolation and is an attempt to solve long-distance relationships.

As reported by TheBlaze, a plug-in for smartphones uses silicone lips to send motion data to sensors on the device, which mimics the received kiss to the other set of lips. The lips transmit sounds that are made by the partner and warm up slightly during the kiss, as well. It is also available in different colors.

A set of two lips must be paired together. The Beijing company named Siweifushe says it has already sold over 3,000 devices, with 20,000 orders since its launch, a period of just a few months between January and March 2023.


Users are able to download kissing data submitted by other users, to mimic kissing a person who may not be the one the person is partnered to.

“WeChat or mobile enable phone calls and messages to be sent. It can communicate information using language. But it may not be able to offer feedback and communication on a sensory level,” says Zhao Jianbao, founder of “Long Lost Touch.”

“Technology is already evolving, and people are able to communicate and make phone calls online. I hope that our device can fulfill what’s going on with getting in ‘touch’ online and make it better,” the inventor added.

“I have a girlfriend. My girlfriend is also in Beijing, but she travels a lot,” says Jing Zhiyuan, a customer. “I think it can act as a flavoring agent when we can’t see each other,” he explained. However, a woman Huang had a different view about the product when asked, saying “I think it won’t help, and I think it’s really perverted to buy this kind of thing.”


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