A 40-year-old Pennsylvania man has been taken into FBI custody after trying to smuggle an explosive device onto an Allegiant flight. Officials say that the device was concealed inside a checked piece of luggage at Lehigh Valley International Airport and contained multiple fuses, Daily Mail reported. Mark Muffley, of Lansford Pennsylvania, was about to take an Allegiant flight from eastern Pennsylvania to Sanford, Florida.

Once found, Muffley was paged over the airport’s public system to come to the security desk, minutes later, security cameras showed him leaving the airport.

Police, the FBI and bomb experts responded to the airport. An airport spokesperson telling WFMZ that part of the main terminal was closed around 11.15 am while authorities investigated a ‘suspicious package.’


The device hidden in the bag’s lining was a circular compound, about three inches in diameter. It’s said to have contained a ‘granular type of powder concealed’ in wax paper and plastic wrap, a criminal complaint stated.

‘This granular type of powder is consistent with a commercial grade firework,’ the complaint said. There were also two fuses attached, one of which appeared to be part of the original manufacturer and is used to ignite explosives quickly.

The other fuse was added later, and burns slower than a quick fuse, officials said adding that the powders could ignite from heat and friction posing a ‘significant risk’ to the plane and passengers.

Investigators also found in the suitcase a can of butane, a lighter, a pipe with white powder residue, a wireless drill, and two GFCI outlets taped together.

The suspicious package was discovered shortly after 11 am on Monday and the west side of the airport’s main terminal was shut down ‘for precautionary measures.’

The package was removed from the airport and the closed portion of the terminal reopened shortly just before 2 pm. Muffley faces charges of possession of an explosive at an airport and possessing/attempting to place an explosive on an aircraft.