Russian state TV has broadcast a mock video of the UK being obliterated by a tsunami set off by a nuclear missile sent from Moscow. The sick footage shows a Russian state anchor reveling as the missile plummets into to the North Atlantic Ocean, sparking a giant tidal wave that engulfs both Ireland and the UK.

Russian state TV often delights in hypothetical scenarios where Britain and its allies are wiped out by Russia’s nuclear arsenal. It is unclear when the footage, which was reposted by the Twitter account Terror Alarm, was aired in Russia.

Terror Alarm claims to be a “Non-State-Affiliated Agenda-Free News Media with a focus on combating terrorism through AI.” In Russian, the host describes how this would psychologically demoralize the entire West.


Britain is more often being singled out y Putin’s propagandists who fantasize over the UK being turned into a “radioactive desert”. Dmitry Kiselyov, one of Putin’s chief mouthpiece reporters, recently went into detail about how two Russian super-nukes had the capability to wipe the British Isles off the map, sparking World War Three fears.

“Russia could obliterate the UK with its new hypersonic Satan-2 missile,” he said. But that is not the only method of obliterating Britain that got him salivating. Kiselyov also claimed that Russia could “plunge Britain into the depths of the sea using underwater robotic drone Poseidon”.

It comes as Boris Johnson this week claimed in a new BBC documentary Putin vs The West that Putin personally threatened him with a missile strike in a phone call in the lead-up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (SOURCE)