The ChatGPT setup that will allow you to speak to your dead relatives has been revealed. Sooner than later, you can engage in dialogue with the digital likeness of your loved one.

If you save your voice, movement patterns, and personality traits onto Artur Sychov’s Live Forever mode, an AI chatbot will allow your surviving relatives to have a conversation with you in the metaverse after your death, Vice said.

Sychov works for metaverse creators Somnium Space, and his project is aimed at allowing grieving humans to engage with their loved ones in a realistic way after they die.


His inspiration was the death of his father, and advancing tech means about “five years” from now, it will be normal for these VR robots to mimic conversing with the person of interest. He said: “The AI is progressing extremely fast. Honestly, it is progressing faster than even we anticipated.”

Somnium Space is active on virtual reality headsets already, and users can dive deep into the 3D world. Artific, a user of the Somnium Space metaverse, was the one who actually put ChatGPT in play within the virtual world.

This user used to work within data science, and was hesitant about AI, but was ultimately in awe of its capabilities, including the chatbot, Vice said. In the metaverse, he asked the chatbot what the best way to embed it into the digital space was, and it answered with a blueprint that Artific was able to perfect and make a reality.

They aren’t perfected yet, but the robots do have a sort of short-term memory. Artific explained: “If you leave this world, and you come back, she will still remember what you talked about. “Of course, there’s a lot of progress that still needs to be done. But it already works like that.”

The robot was able to describe Artific’s avatar, telling him: “Your avatar looks absolutely amazing. You look fashionable.” Sychov said in the virtual world, the AI are in a more favorable environment to learn from, as it also has a grand amount of data available to it while the machine learns live. (SOURCE)