It just seems like the cost of everything is going up these days and that includes egg prices, which are affecting local businesses. “We used to buy 15 dozen eggs from Sam’s for 23 dollars. They are now 68 dollars,” said Cindy Gutierrez, the owner of Creative Cakes. “Now it’s about 63-ish for 15 dozen and it’s also hard to get 15 dozen,” said Caitlyn Wallace, the owner of Catie Pies.

The prices for eggs have surged three times their original price. According to the consumer price index, egg prices increased by 10% in October 2022 and that increase has continued to rise. This is causing a domino effect for restaurants, businesses, and bakeries who use eggs. The owner of Catie Pies expresses why this is a challenge as a business owner.

“It’s been making it tough because we want to have things priced correctly so that people will afford to purchase things, but we also want to still be making something off of it and be able to pay our employees. But it’s just getting more and more difficult,” said Wallace.


Brenda Marybel, the owner of Hernandez Bakery is facing the same dilemma as Caitlyn Wallace. She does not want to go up on her prices due to the surge of egg prices and expressed what her customers’ concerns were regarding the prices for her services .

“Some customers do not like to pay my price but I don’t have another choice cause the eggs are going up so bad,” said Marybel. Cindy Gutierrez, tell us how the cost of eggs is impacting her bakery and if that will cause her to change the prices for her cakes and cookies. (SOURCE)