The son of the York police chief died suddenly at the age of 32, the department announced. In a Facebook post, the chief said Brian Trail II died Monday “unexpectedly.” He did not share what Trail’s cause of death was. Trail, who the chief and his family affectionately called “Little Brian,” was the chief’s son.

He is from the town of Smyrna in South Carolina. “Little Brian lived a full and inspiring life, one that my family and I will try to emulate as long as we live,” said the chief. He asked for prayers for his family and Trail’s, especially for the wife and two young daughters he leaves behind.

“While our entire family is grieving the loss of our son, a husband, a brother, an uncle, and a true friend, we know that we will find solace in our faith and the grace afforded to each of us through Jesus Christ,” the post read. (SOURCE)