(OPINION) A woman who is married to a ‘tech genius’ has revealed that her husband implanted a chip in her hand – which serves as a key to their lavish mansion – leaving many people on the web intrigued.

According to Daily Mail, Burgundy Waller, from Las Vegas, got a tiny chip put inside her hand back in June 2020, which made it so that she can unlock the doors and drawers throughout her home by simply touching them. Burgundy, now known as The Chip Girl online, has created quite a stir on the internet –

becoming a viral TikTok sensation and gaining more than three million followers for sharing some of the things that the chip can do. The small device, which sits between her thumb and pointer finger, uses radio-frequency identification to respond to different objects.


Her husband has programmed it so that it can control practically everything in their enormous mansion – including the doors, drawers, closets, and pantries. Burgundy has documented every step of her chip journey online, and she even captured the moment it was first implanted in her hand two years ago.

It was inserted through ‘a small incision’ by a ‘medical professional,’ and she admitted that it hurt, but said the pain only lasted for ‘like five seconds.’ ‘My techie husband convinced me to get a chip in my hand…’ she began in the clip, while showing her and her husband sitting together before the procedure.

‘I’m getting chipped today with a key to our house, I’m so freaking nervous,’ she said. It then showed her trying out the new device on her front door, which opened as soon as she touched her hand to the security system. In one video, Waller contends that getting chipped means “never having to carry or worry about losing her key.”

In another video, she reveals her husband had an even more advanced chip implanted in his hand. His chip can store information, including his social media accounts and websites.  She also explained how another version of the chip could store her credit card information, which is something she says she wants.

“Not fair, I have the old model,” she joked in another video. “My hand is only a key, guess it’s time for an upgrade.” As CBN News reported in May, implantable chips in humans are not new, but for the last several years, the push to market them to a dubious population has escalated.

A company in the United Kingdom has developed a new chip that allows you to pay on the same reader as a credit card. When a person with an implanted chip wants to pay for a product or service using a credit card reader, they simply place their hand with the chip next to the card reader and the payment is made.

While some companies have implemented similar chip implants for internal company functions, the British-Polish firm called Walletmor says that last year it became the first company to offer them for sale to the general population, according to the BBC.

Even though a little more than half of 4,000 people across the U.K. and the European Union told a survey last year they would consider having a chip implanted, they also brought up privacy and security issues.

As CBN News has reported, potential privacy concerns are already being raised about the ongoing development of such technology in implantable microchips that are being injected into the hands of thousands of willing participants across Europe.

“There is a dark side to the technology that has a potential for abuse,” Nada Kakabadse, professor of policy, governance, and ethics at Reading University’s Henley Business School told the BBC. “To those with no love of individual freedom, it opens up seductive new vistas for control, manipulation and oppression.”


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