(OPINION) Is it possible to have a normal conversation about a woman who claims she is haunted by “sexual” demons “AKA” ghosts? Well, The View certainly couldn’t do it, and they tried their best on this morning’s episode. While discussing a news story about a North Texas woman who says her home is occupied by dirty-talking spirits, The View couldn’t keep from laughing, talking about sex toys, and debating the ethics of a ghost hookup.

Whoopi Goldberg first introduced the topic with a clip in which the woman, Linda Hill, claimed ghosts in her home told her she was “lookin’ good” in the shower and alleged the spirits had been caught on tape saying, “Oh baby, oh baby, yeah,” and “Yeah, I like it like that.”

If all of this sounds a little too familiar, we know what you’re thinking — and no, Tim Robinson is not involved. Joy Behar brushed off Hill’s claims as “a sexual hallucination,” adding, “we all have that,” but still called her “a whack-job” after hearing her story. Behar’s co-host Sunny Hostin was more intrigued, wondering what the ghosts in Hill’s home look like.

Behar joked that the spirits are George Clooney doppelgängers, but Sara Haines took the convo one step further, asking, “If you have sex with a ghost, do you get pregnant?”

“No,” Hostin said, also pointing out that ghost sex, according to her rules, is not cheating. And it even sounds like she would welcome her own flirty phantom: “It’s not terrible, it would not be a terrible thing.”

While Hostin was speaking as a hypothetical, Behar pulled from IRL experience, telling — and shocking — the panel when she muttered, “I’ve had sex with a few ghosts [and] never got pregnant.”

Goldberg’s mouth dropped open in disbelief, but she collected her thoughts quickly enough to reply, “I’m just gonna let that ride. I don’t know how many of you heard what Joy just said, but I’m gonna let it ride.”

Haines, meanwhile, was all for it, chiming in to note, “It’s the safest sex you’re gonna have.” Goldberg, attempting to get the chat back on track (but was it ever on track?), began to explain the concept of a succubus to her co-hosts, warning them, “you do not want” one “in your life” because it “sucks the life out of you.” (SOURCE)


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