Drivers were greeted with an “eerie sight” as dead birds lying on a road looked like a “massacre”, and it’s a mystery as to what happened. Michaela Pritchard said she was traveling on the road between Waterston and Hazelbeach in Pembrokeshire on Thursday evening when she saw the surreal spectacle.

One man added he heard a loud bang before seven or eight birds rained down on his car in nearby Waterston. There was seemingly little explanation for what caused around 200 birds to die so suddenly, with some pointing to the nearby Dragon LNG gas company plant as a possible cause, reports Wales Online.

People suggested other theories for why the birds had died, including electrocution or being chased by a bird of prey at dusk before hitting the road surface. Michaela said she didn’t hang around as it was such an eerie sight and instead phoned Pembrokeshire council to report what she’d seen.


She said the birds were already dead when she came across them at around 8 pm. According to a report from WalesOnline, Ian Mccaffrey works in Waterston and said some birds fell out of the sky onto his car just after he heard a large “electrical-type” bang. He said: “When I left work last night [Thursday] I heard a bang and then a load of birds landed on my car.”

He reckoned at least six landed on the ground and added: “Every now and again you will hear a bang that is coming from what I think is a crow-scarer that farmers use. However, this bang was more like an electrical bang – not quite as loud as lightning but similar. “It’s like there were hundreds of birds in the sky and all of a sudden they just died and fell to the ground.

It was quite surreal last night, to be honest with you – not something I have ever experienced before.” Claire Eaton, who lives close to the road, went out at 11 pm and said it was “traumatic” to see. She thought the birds had “died on impact” and even managed to scoop one of the stunned birds up and take it home, still alive. She’s planning to release it later today.