(OPINION) Dr. Anthony Fauci, infectious diseases expert and head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, now says that people should remain masked in all indoor settings unless they are confident that the people around them have been fully vaccinated.

Fauci also advised people eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot to get one before holiday celebrations. During Thursday’s MSNBC broadcast of “All In with Chris Hayes,” Fauci said that Americans should remain masked unless they know for sure that people they are around have been fully vaccinated.

Host Chris Hayes asked Fauci what his advice might be ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. “In terms of people gathering and the sort of colder weather, which is coming, and we’re seeing cases go up,” Hayes said. “I keep telling everyone I know this, like, prepare yourself.


There will be cases going up this winter. If people are going to get together for gatherings like Thanksgiving, how should they be thinking about it? My instinct is, you know, everyone should be vaccinated, and you should get boosted if you can. Maybe test the day of. How do you think about it?”

In response, Fauci said that as long as all people in the family are vaccinated, Thanksgiving ought to be a safe and enjoyable time. Fauci warned, however, that if there are any questions about a person’s vaccination status, people ought to remain masked out of an abundance of caution. READ MORE