(ETH) – Putin has taunted the US, saying their world dominance is “over” and threatened to strike back if any “boundaries are crossed”. The Russian president issued the stark warning during a televised Q&A on Wednesday, during which he also boasted that even if Russia had sunk HMS Defender it would not have caused World War Three.

Putin boldly claimed his navy could have attacked the ship in the Black Sea because the West knows “full well that they can’t win in that war”. During his annual “Direct Line” call-in show, in which citizens can submit queries for the president, he spoke of how the “period of a unipolar world is over”.

“No matter what sanctions are imposed on Russia, no matter what the scaremongering, Russia is developing and in some respects, our country has surpassed the European countries and even the US,” he said.


While Putin said the nation would not be taking steps that would be harmful to themselves, he said if boundaries were crossed, they would find “asymmetrical ways” to respond. “I hope the United States will change this attitude not only towards us but also towards their other allies,” he said. Putin went on to say that the world was “changing dramatically” – something he said the United States understood. READ MORE