(CBN) – Iran and the United States are locked in a face-off over the Iranian nuclear deal and Israel is caught in the middle. Iran says economic sanctions must end before any new talks, but the US says Iran must comply with the 2015 nuclear agreement before sanctions are lifted.


This stand-off will have a profound impact throughout the Middle East, and Iran just raised the stakes. On Sunday, the head of the UN nuclear watchdog announced Iran will provide “less access” to its atomic program. The move is a response to Biden’s refusal to lift sanctions, which Iran is demanding as a condition to return to the negotiating table.


Some warn if negotiations lead to sanctions relief, it will begin a financial chain reaction in the region. “If more money will go the IRCG, to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard [Corps],

it would mean more money would go to Hezbollah in Lebanon,” said Sarit Zehavi of the Alma Research and Education Center. Zahavi said the money could go to other Iranian proxies in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq and bring “more instability in general for the Middle East.” READ MORE

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