(OPINION) ETH – The following is a piece written by Mike Evans regarding the official signing of the “The Abrahamic Covenant” peace treaty with Israel and the UAE. Evans describes this event as a sign of “Great Awakening” but as we have now entered into the peak of hurricane season and hurricane Sally approaching the gulf coast, there are many who are on edge as fears of “dividing Israel” may be in the works, And there is a long history of disasters that have followed the attempt to divide the land in the past. Will we see a “Great Awakening” or a “Great Shaking” as a result of dividing Israel that has been warned about in the Word of God by both Zechariah and Joel?

Excerpt from CBN: I’m on my way to the White House for the signing of the Abrahamic Accord between the UAE and Israel. This normalization of relations between Israel and its Middle East neighbor through the American diplomacy of President Donald Trump and his team serves as a truly historic development.

Yet there may be more good news ahead—a Great Awakening that will revive both America and the world. Two historical examples offer insight into this intriguing connection between America’s support of Israel and revival. In 1948, Israel became a nation once again after 1,900 years. While many have acknowledged the miraculous nature of this event, one of the key supporters of Israel’s rebirth was the United States.


What was taking place in America spiritually at this time? Author Patrick Morley notes the sweeping spiritual awakening that spread across the country: It was at this time that a great generation of Christian leaders emerged.

Bill Bright began Campus Crusade for Christ. In 1949, Billy Graham’s distinguished career, which popularized evangelical Christianity for a new generation, exploded on the scene during his Los Angeles crusade sponsored by the Christian Businessmen’s Committee. An estimated 180,000,000 people attended his nearly 400 crusades, and millions more viewed on television.

A second significant event occurred in 1967. Between June 5 to 10, the Six-Day War broke out, leading to a surprising victory by Israel’s military. They defeated Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian forces, expanding Israel’s territory to include the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and the West Bank.

Of great importance, the aftermath of the Six-Day War allowed Jews the opportunity to visit the Old City of Jerusalem and pray at the Western Wall. 1967 also marked the beginning of a growing Jewish diaspora, with a wave of Jews making Aliyah to Israel from around the world.


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