(ETH) – Baghdad, Iraq just experienced record high temperatures with the area reaching a stunning 125 degrees according to Yahoo News. Blistering temperatures will continue to challenge the Middle East this week as deadly heat and dry conditions remain over the region.

Yahoo went on to state that extreme heat was felt across the Middle East with temperatures in the upper 40s C (115-120 F) across the region on Monday and many areas reaching above 50 C (122 F) on Tuesday.

One of these areas was Baghdad, Iraq where the temperature reached 51.7 C (125 F) in the afternoon, surpassing the all-time record high temperature of 51.2 C (124 F) for the city. The report went on to stste that countrywide record for all-time highest temperature is 53.8 C (129 F) set in Basra, Iraq, back in July 22, 2016.



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