(OPINION) BIN – Founder of the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem and Evangelical leader Mike Evans cautioned that Trump risks losing support from American Evangelicals if his administration doesn’t recognize Israel’s sovereignty in Judea and Samaria. In a recent interview with Israel Hayom, Evans lauded the Trump Administration’s close ties with Israel.

“Today we have a dream team. The Secretary of State is Mike Pompeo, an Evangelical, and he has changed the direction of the State Department, which has traditionally sought to weaken Israel. Vice President Mike Pence is Israel‘s biggest supporter in Washington as [Israeli] Ambassador Ron Dermer has stated.

And above all is President Trump, who is the biggest supporter the Evangelical community has ever had and the most pro-Israel president who has ever lived.” Regarding America’s November elections, Evans explained that “the question now is whether Trump wants to be president. The Evangelical community gave Trump the presidency for two reasons: to be pro-life (meaning against abortions) and to support Israel.


We have not forgotten who owns the land of Israel or the theological basis for it, We believe that the land belongs to the Jewish people, because that was G-d’s decision in the Hebrew Bible and you cannot say that the bible is illegal,” READ MORE