(ETH) – As if things haven’t been chaotic enough for 2020, Now a new report is indicating that Hezbollah, the terrorist organization that is known for effectively running Lebanon, has recently announced that it has plans to wage war against Israel this summer according to BIN.  The report stated that the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation “Kan“, cited an article in the Arabic Saudi Arabian daily newspaper Okaz that was published on Thursday.

In the article,  Western diplomatic sources in Beirut cited that all the data indicates a war is imminent in the very near future. According to diplomatic sources, the cause for Hezbollah’s rise in aggression is that they feel besieged from all sides and are, therefore, willing to go to extreme measures to break out.  “War against Israel can turn the bowl upside down so they can grab all the cards,” the sources said.

According to the diplomatic sources, a confrontation could also break out in the northern section of the border between Lebanon and Syria before the US presidential elections. According to the report, the Lebanese newspaper a-Nahar reported that there is also talk in Hezbollah circles about a possible war with Israel coming this August.


A few days ago, American Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act went into effect. The legislation imposes economic sanctions on the Syrian government, including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, for war crimes against the Syrian population. The law has economic implications for both Lebanon and the Lebanese Hezbollah.. Iranian and Russian entities are addressed for their governments’ support of Assad in the Syrian Civil War. MORE

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