(OPINION) BIN – Last Thursday, a routine arrest went awry, sparking off events that threaten the stability of the entire nation. There is no question that what happened to George Floyd was horrific, an affront to a man created in God’s image, and the aftermath proves that many believe the incident was racially motivated and that this blemish on society is still a factor in how police treat people of color.

In addition to this discussion, the event should also be viewed from a Biblical perspective.  This event also has end-of-days implications and Biblical precedents. Rabbi Nachman Kahane, founder of the Center for Kohanim,

“I am very aware and very worried about what is happening in America. People tend to see the present and future based on the past. I see the near future based on the distant future. I know where Hashem (God, literally ‘the name’) is taking us. I see that whatever is happening now is taking us closer to having all the Jews in Israel, a Davidic kingdom, a Third Temple. This is just another step towards that.”


“Until now, Jews in America have felt very comfortable in America. If a person is comfortable, there is no reason to change. Jews should feel very uncomfortable right now and should be thinking about making changes. This is the beginning.” The rabbi noted that anti-Semitic acts, typically vandalism of synagogues, have spiked during the recent protests. READ MORE


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