(ETH) – Scientists have been left puzzled following a mysterious green fireball that flew across the sky in the remote West Australian outback early this morning. According to a report from ABC, Night workers on remote sites from Cape Lambert to Hope Downs in the Pilbara witnessed the bright light just before 1:00 am, and was captured on video by many.

These reports were seen as far away as the Northern Territory and South Australia, according to Glen Nagle from the CSIRO-NASA tracking station in Canberra. “It was really a spectacular observation,” he said. “People have captured something very special here.”


Renae Sayers, from Curtin University’s Space, Science and Technology Centre, said it was most likely a natural object. “It’s absolutely stunning,” she said. “It’s a ball of green … what you are seeling is a giant flash of light, it’s almost like a ball with this gorgeous long tail.

“What we tend to see, when objects like space debris, or if it’s a satellite burning up, what we tend to see is sort of like crackles and sparks.”This  is due to the fact that there is stuff burning up — so you’ve got solar panels going all over the place, you’ve got hunks of metal moving around as it’s burning up through our atmosphere.