(OPINION) ETH – For nearly ten years now, there have been unexplained and bizarre trumpet sounds that have been heard around the world sparking fears of everything from an alien invasion, strange government activity to signs of the Apocalypse and the “End of the World”.

Now the latest viral video clip shared with Twitter reveals a “permanent creepy” sound over the skies over San Francisco, California. According to Express, This bizarre phenomenon is reminiscent of the unexplained trumpets being heard by many around the world. According to the report, Many other San Francisco residents have since confirmed hearing the strange sound, adding more fuel to the mystery.

One witness reported the sound in Land’s End, saying: “I had been hearing it for weeks and felt like I was losing my mind.” Another Twitter user said: “This is the part were aliens invade right!?” A second person said: “The first time I heard it I went into panic mode, like wtf now.” A third person tweeted: “It is definitely creepy, and don’t let it be foggy, otherwise, super creepy, but, great for creepy filmmaking.” Another person said:


“Can someone explain to me why is this eerie sound has been going on for an hour in #SanFrancisco” , with reports as far as Germany, Australia, and Ukraine. According to the Book of Revelation, seven trumpets will be sounded in the last days to unleash a series of judgments in the earth and many actually contribute these unexplained trumpet sounds to this event taking place.

Hope Bolinger wrote in an article for Christianity.com: “The seven seals and seven trumpets are a series of catastrophic events that will take place during the End Days to enact the judgment of God upon the earth.” This event is only stoking the fears of the world coming to an imminent end that are at an all-time high, following many bizarre claims and the world will end on June 21st.

Some are attributing the trumpet-like noise heard across San Francisco’s Bay Area to the Golden Gate bridge and not biblical prophecy. According to the Golden Gate Bridge Sargent, the mysterious hum is being produced by high winds blowing through recently installed railing slats along the bridge’s bike path. One Twitter user who shared the original video tweeted:

“TIL: The Golden Gate Bridge has just become the world’s largest wind instrument. “No, but seriously: There is now a permanent creepy three-tone dissonant soundtrack flooding San Francisco thanks to some recently completed bridge construction.” This may explain the recent noises in San Francisco but does not give an explanation to the many others that have been heard globally.