(ETH) – NASA is reporting at least five more asteroid flybys following an asteroid unexpectedly whizzing between Earth and the Moon without anyone noticing recently according to RT News.

Four out of five of these asteroids expected to buzz pass earth this week were only recently spotted back in May, raising concerns about just how prepared our planetary defenses are; According to the report, While we caught them, we cut it very close if we needed to shoot them out of the sky or at least deflect them, which is our only two options to stop an asteroid apocalypse at this present day.The good news is that these the asteroids, ranging in size from 46 feet to 180 feet in diameter, will miss the earth by a safe margin of error of between 869,000 miles and 4.1 million miles, so there is no immediate concern of an asteroid strike to top off the wildfires, pandemic, economic crises, and social and civil unrest which have plagued the Earth so far in 2020.

However, On April 13, 2029, asteroid 99942 Apophis will graze our geostationary satellites in orbit around the planet. This monster has a diameter of 1,100 ft (340m), Although, it is not quite a ‘planet killer’ in size, it will mark the closest approach by one of the largest known asteroids expected to cross paths with the Earth in the near future.