(OPINION) BIN – As Trump’s Deal of the Century approaches, Jewish residents throughout Judea and Samaria are expressing a great deal of cautious pessimism. That’s because many of their towns and communities are slated to be isolated and surrounded by a hostile Palestinian state.

But it’s not only modern civilizations being placed in danger under the terms of the deal. Ancient civilizations, more specifically, Biblical archaeological sites will essentially be handed over to the PA once the agreement is implemented.

Unfortunately, the PA not only has a reputation of preventing Jews from accessing Biblical sites under their control, but also one of outright destroying them as well. The following is a list of just some of the vital Biblical sites that will be engulfed by the PA according to the Deal of the Century.


1. Altar of Joshua

On Mt. Ebal, next to Mt. Gezirim and just north of the city of Shechem in Samaria, lies Joshua’s Altar as mentioned in Joshua 8. This was the altar that Joshua built when he entered the land of Israel. The site, under Trump’s Peace Plan, will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. Below is the footage of the site.

2. Joseph’s Pit

The location believed to have been the pit where Joseph was thrown into by his brothers (Wikipedia) Located a few miles southwest of Jenin, Tel Dothan, otherwise known as Joseph’s Pit, is initially mentioned in the Bible as the place where Jacob’s sons sold their youngest brother, Joseph, to the Ishmaelite merchants:
It is then mentioned as the home of Elisha and the place where a vision of chariots and horses of fire placed the mountain on which the city stood under siege. Under Trump’s Peace Plan, Tel Dothan will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. CONTINUE




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