OPINION (AM) – Yes, “Christian witches” are a thing, and they are gathering in Salem, Massachusetts this Easter weekend for their annual convention. In all honesty, this is a topic that is difficult to address calmly. When our Lord’s mighty name is taken and abused by charlatans and deceivers who stand for all manner of things God’s Word expressly condemns, it should get our blood boiling.

If a group of “Magickal Beings, Witches, Sorcerers/Soceresses[sic], Wizards, Warlocks, Necromancers, Readers and more” assembling under the name of Christ for a “magickal weekend” during the time traditionally set apart for remembrance of His glorious resurrection and victory over the grave isn’t a gross abuse of the word “Christian,” I don’t know what is.


In an event that she promises will be the “magickal weekend of your LIFE,” “Christian witch” Valerie Love and her “Christian Witches Mystery School” will be hosting the group’s 2020 convention at the Hawthorne Hotel from April 10-12. READ MORE

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