OPINION (CBN) – A CNN interview this week raised some powerful questions about the humanity of the unborn, taking the abortion debate straight to the most central question. But the arguments made by CNN’s host and contributor are stunning. Host Chris Cuomo took the pro-abortion side as he questioned former US Senator Rick Santorum and CNN political contributor Christine Quinn. They spoke about states that are passing restrictive abortion laws like Georgia’s heartbeat law, with Cuomo and Quinn arguing that a


a decision by five people on the Supreme Court is more valid than the rights of states or the beliefs of millions of Americans. That turned into a heated exchange over when life begins before Quinn said something a lot of people find shocking.  The pro-life Santorum had challenged Cuomo and Quinn about their belief that the unborn baby inside a woman’s womb is not a human. “Do you guys realize a baby DIES in an abortion? Are you ignoring that fact? This is a human life,” Santorum says. READ MORE

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