OPINION (Express) – A US politician has admitted that President Donald Trump is “on the brink of war” with Iran – just a day after the US leader agreed to send 1,500 troops to protect against the Islamic Republic. The US is “on the brink of war” with Iran, according to a shock admission from a leading American politician. The latest escalation in the threat of military conflict comes just a day after US President Donald Trump approved the Pentagon’s plan to send 1,500 troops to the Middle East. This

comes amid rising tensions between the US and Iran, as American security officials look to counter the ”ongoing threat posed by Iranian forces”. As part of the deployment, fighter jets, drones and other weaponry will be sent to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan. The Pentagon confirmed that the deployment was in response to “an attack” on four oil tankers in the UAE and two oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia. READ MORE


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