(CBN News) – A San Antonio city councilman running for mayor tried again Thursday to persuade the city council to consider including Chick-fil-A in its airport concessions contract. “I consider this opportunity today to be a defining moment for this council,” Councilman Greg Brockhouse said in introducing the proposal, according to the San Antonio Express-News. But the council narrowly rejected Brockhouse’s

move to reconsider the issue at its next meeting, voting 6-5 against the measure. Brockhouse told CBN News Wednesday that the fate of the chicken restaurant in the city’s airport has become “the number one issue” in the mayoral election, scheduled for Saturday, May 4th. And Brockhouse said the faith community is paying attention. “I think it’s awoken a sweeping bloc of people here,” he said, “where I’m at it’s always a topic.” READ MORE

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