(Express) – The Dukono volcano in Indonesia has erupted over the past few days, ejecting columns of ash high into the air, just months after violent activity from Mount Agung shook the nation. Indonesia’s Mount Dukono – based on Halmahera island to the east of the country – has been ejecting ash over the last day, with a continuous fog exploding from the main crater, according to Indonesia’s volcanic survey. Indonesia’s 127 active volcanoes all pose significant risks to some five million people living nearby.

Mount Agung alone killed more than 1,000 people in March last year. While Mount Dukono is not quite as dangerous yet, it is one of the country’s most active volcanoes. The PVMBG (Volcanic Survey of Indonesia) has put Dukono on a level two ‘alert’ as the volcano ejects 7000ft of ash. The service has warned people should not travel near the volcano, and an aviation notice has been issued for any nearby aircraft, advising pilots not to fly. READ MORE

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