(CBC) – Canada has confirmed a 3.8 magnitude earthquake struck an area 19 kilometers northwest of Saint John in southern New Brunswick this morning. Nick Ackerley, an Earthquakes Canada seismologist, said the earthquake hit at 9:49 a.m. AT. Its preliminary magnitude was reported as 3.7, but Earthquakes Canada upgraded it later Thursday. Ackerley said the magnitude of the earthquake is “not likely to substantially change.” “We are seeing signs that this was a shallow earthquake. A crude

estimate is that it occurred anywhere between two and five kilometers from the surface.” Initial estimates placed the depth of the earthquake at 10 kilometers. This quake was an “intraplate earthquake,” a type that happened inside the tectonic plate, as opposed to an interplate earthquake, which occurs in areas at the edge of a tectonic plate. “The causes include things like long-dormant faults from previous mountain-building episodes, and glacial rebound,” Ackerley said. READ MORE