(Charisma News) – Senseless violence is on the rise. Daily we read of mass shootings, suicides and murders. Why doesn’t God intervene? And what is he calling His people to do in the midst of it?

God’s Plan of Redemption
– Paul addressed these exact questions to the church at Rome in his letter to them. Can you imagine living in a time when you could be crucified or fed to the lions for your faith? Nero, the most diabolical emperor in the history of the empire, sat on the throne issuing insane proclamations. Everywhere you turned there was danger and turmoil. No wonder they wanted to know when God would intervene in such a corrupt and horrific situation. First-century Jews believed that when the Messiah arrived, He would redeem the physical world as well as their spiritual souls. He was supposed to bring justice and peace to the world. Paul expertly lays out his most comprehensive theological treatise in his letter to the Romans, explaining God’s plan of redemption for both mankind spiritually and the physical world itself. He also entreats God’s people to step into their vital role as His chosen ones to aid in the unfolding of this plan. Paul’s letter ends with a beautiful promise of the world’s full and ultimate redemption, along with a charge of what we ought to do in the wait. READ MORE