(The Sun) The hurricanes which have battered the States in recent months have spawned billions of highly-aggressive ‘monster’ mosquitoes. The giant bloodsuckers have a voracious appetite, zebra stripes and are FIVE TIMES bigger than other flood mozzies. The eggs of the Psorophora ciliata –  known as gallnippers – can lie dormant for years until the right kind of floodwaters come along, then they hatch in huge swarms.

And experts warn the pain of a bite from one of these mega-mozzies – which can grow to more than one inch long – can feel like you are being stabbed with a needle. Gallnippers can strike day and night and due to their large size they can bite through clothing and are immune to regular insect repellent. Assistant professor in the Department of Entomology at North Carolina State University Michael H. Reiskind said they are pretty hard to miss. READ MORE