(By Michael Snyder) This week, some unusual things will be happening up in the heavens. According to NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, it is being projected that a large solar storm will hit our planet on September 7th. Three days later, Comet 21P is going to make the closest approach to Earth that we have seen in 72 years. And all of this is happening during the same week as the important prophetic Biblical festival known as the Feast of Trumpets. Some are speculating that these “signs in the heavens” could be intended to communicate something to us.

But is anyone out there paying attention? This upcoming solar storm has kind of taken scientists by surprise. It was only discovered on September 3rd, and it is expected to hit our planet on September 7th… A CORONAL hole which has opened up on the surface of the Sun is facing directly towards Earth and experts are now expecting solar storms to head our way. The hole was spotted by satellites from US space agency ANSA on September 3, and experts warn it will blast the storms towards our planet. The solar storm is expected to hit on September 7, according to data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. READ MORE