A North Texas megachurch pastor shocked by the dilapidated condition of the house in which the woman who has been cleaning his church for more than a decade lived, recently surprised her with a new home that left her almost speechless. “Y’all are just over the top, Pastor Troy,” Donna Tidwell said in reaction to the house constructed at a cost of $85,000, according to the Star-Telegram.

For the first five minutes of seeing her new home provided by Open Door Church in Burleson, Texas, and their senior pastor, Troy Brewer, two Sundays ago, all Tidwell was able to do was smile and say “Oh my gosh,” The Star-Telegram said. Brewer told WFAA that he had no idea that his parishioner and employee was living in such poor conditions until he went to drop off some lunch at her home about eight months ago. READ MORE