A very dangerous and life-threatening storm dubbed Medicane “Cindy” by the EMWMC and also known as Zorbas and Zorba is now fully developed and expected to hit and move over southern Greece on September 29. The storm is bringing severe to extremely severe winds and very heavy rain, potentially resulting in widespread flash flooding and wind damage. “Medicane is perfectly visible in the Ionian sea, with the central pressure around 994 hPa and still deepening,” SWE meteorologists said.

The storm should reach its peak intensity overnight and tomorrow, September 29 with central pressure as low as 979 hPa as it tracks toward southern Greece, producing major waves and severe to extremely severe winds. “Waves could reach 10 – 15 m (33 – 50 feet) maximum height in some areas and develop a life-threatening weather situation along the coastal areas of west and north Greece, south Peloponnese and many islands across the Cyclades,” SWE warns. READ MORE