More than 800 farmers in Ugandan Buwunga Sub-county suffered extensive crop loss after severe storm accompanied by strong winds and huge amounts of hail swept over six villages on September 15, 2018. According to Daily Monitor, residents said the storm began at about 17:00 local time, destroying plantations of rice, watermelon, cassava, maize, beans, groundnuts, soybeans and bananas among


others. When their reporter visited the affected villages 17 hours later, ice pellets were still visible on the ground. “All my hopes are gone! The hailstorms have taken me to zero and I don’t know where I will get food,” one of the farmers said. Another farmer whose 2.4 ha (6 acres) of watermelon were destroyed, said he used a bank loan to set up the plantation and was worried about repayment.  READ MORE