A church in Indiana has been evicted from its building for placing a sign outside that read, “LGBTQ is a hate crime against God.”  Remnant Fellowship Church in Auburn put up the sign on June 27. A church member confirmed to ABC-affiliate WPTA21 that they had been forced out of the building, and wane.com quoted an Auburn resident, Tammy Kessler, as saying, “I just wanted to come and look and check the sign out and they were gone.

The sign and everything.” A local resident had called for a protest outside the church last Sunday. “It is beyond a doubt that some of us have strong feelings about this church/sign and these beliefs,” the resident, Kristin Russell, wrote on Facebook. “I want everyone who comes to come with open arms and open minds. No hate allowed. Positive, progressive, and loving signs are welcome and encouraged. Bring friends and family. Overall, I would just like the message of loving everyone despite differences to get across. READ MORE