Chinese Agents Interrupted a seminary class in China’s Eastern Jiangsu Province on Wednesday and detained two Pastors without first issuing warrants. China has increased its assault drastically against Christianity over the last several months, is the increase in Atheism the cause?  Chinese Agents and Police Officers detained two Pastors without warrants, claiming that the Pastors were operating

without the proper credentials for managing a school. Roughly, seven police officers and several other agents from the local Religious Affairs Bureau busted into a classroom at approximately 10:00 am on May 23rd, 2018 and threatened to arrest the teacher and more than twenty students without cause.  The students negotiated with the police and requested that the police detail the law that allowed them to be arrested arbitrarily. According to ChinaAid, who spoke with a Christian student; the argument became physical; however, “the police softened a little, but they still brought away Pastor Fang and Pastor Wang.”  READ MORE